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I was fortunate enough to attend a Passholder Preview of Disney’s newest land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. My journey to Batuu was incredible, and I am here to share my review, some pictures and some tips!

As you walk in through the tunnel into Galaxy’s Edge, you immediately begin to feel like you’ve set foot on another planet. From the buildings to the cast members (known here as “citizens”) costumes and their language. You’ll hear various phrases like “bright suns” which meals good morning/day; “Til the Spire” which means farewell and “refreshers” which means bathrooms. You’ll see various language characters in Batuu’s native tongue of Aurebesh scrawled across the walls. The walls are so high you’re unable to see much outside of the Black Spire Outpost. The paths are wide and the land is much roomier than many of the other themed lands in Disney. As you traverse the path in towards the marketplace, you may run into one or more Star Wars characters as Chewbacca, Rey, various stormtroopers, and other characters tend to walk around the land greeting guests.

Many of the buildings in Batuu have signs in Aurebesh, so be sure to download the Disney Play app on your data pad (aka smartphone) to get the most out of this immersive experience! Guests waiting to board the Millennium Falcon can scan crates and test their espionage skills by memorizing various identities to assume for missions and earn points towards your status in the land. The app also allows you to activate droids and will continue to grow as the land develops.

The newest ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is said to be a mix between the already established Star Tours and Animal Kingdom’s Flight of Passage. Each group of six is assigned 2 pilots, 2 engineers and 2 gunners.  I was able to experience each role and like most, I enjoyed being the pilot the most! As a pilot you either control the direction left to right OR the up/down and light speed jumps! This position allows you to focus on the screen in front of you. If you are a gunner or and engineer, you are responsible for activating various switches and buttons that are located beside you. I found myself torn between watching the mission unfold in front of me and completing my tasks beside my head! The graphics are amazing and its truly a magnificent experience.

I was also able to do some various shopping in the marketplace and try out the quick-service location Ronto’s Roasters. The marketplace has several small shops on a narrow path with limited merchandise in each, truly giving it a marketplace feel. Here you can buy toys, t-shirts, incredibly detailed costume attire, coffee mugs, and other small souvenirs.  The marketplace also houses Kat Saka’s Kettle which has The Outpost Mix (delicious popcorn that counts as a snack credit) and the adorable CoCa Cola bottles.  There is one key thing to remember about the Coke bottles- Orlando International Airport is not allowing these in checked or carry-on luggage. I had the sausage wrap and ale at Ronto’s (roughly $30) and while it was fairly good, I would elect a different restaurant next time. The sausage was basically a hot dog with coleslaw on flatbread for $13.

As far as reservations go, be sure to book your dining or building experience as soon as you are able! The lines for Oga’s Cantina, the Droid Depot, and Savi were always out the door and everyone walked out smiling from each location.

Overall, I had a great experience in the new land, but will probably hold off visiting again until Rise of the Resistance opens this December. There is a lot to draw guests to the land, but not enough to keep you there for extended periods of time. Enjoy your visit to Batuu, rising moons!

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