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From sailing down the Danube (the second largest river in Europe) to passing by ancient medieval castles in Germany, river cruises really are the perfect way to explore new lands without having to plan the itinerary solo.

The experience of a river cruise is much more intimate than Ocean Cruises and ideal for families looking to spend more time off-board the ship, learning about each countries’ culture.

Cultural Destinations

Europe, Asia, Egypt, and Russia – just some of the countries river cruises run through. This is a fascinating way to explore the world and get a taste of the sights and sounds of each place.


Personalized Excursions

Many river cruises offer personalized excursions to wander and soak in local traditions and food from a close distance. More active excursions may include cycling, hiking, and even kayaking, depending on the unique terrain of each destination. Since river cruises have fewer passengers, you’ll be able to easily disembark and learn about each location’s unique attractions.


Wellness Facilities

You don’t have to sacrifice your wellness rituals while traveling. Choose from yoga classes to couple massages, all from the comfort of your ship. This can add a fresh layer of relaxation to your vacation that you could have never anticipated.


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