Disney’s Animal Kingdom park will soon come alive at night with several new nighttime activities including the new River’s of Light nighttime show. There will also be new dining choices, an evening safari, Carnivale on Discovery Island and more.  Here is what you have to look forward to…..

Rivers of Light

Rivers of Light is the first nighttime show for Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. The show will take place on Discovery River in Asia across from Expedition Everest.  The show will depict an ancient lantern festival guided by two storytellers who call forth four animal Spirit Guides: an Asian Tiger, Tropical Turtle, African Elephant and Great Horned Owl. These Spirit Guides return at different points during the show to lead the audience through their journey through the Rivers of Light. There may be a dining package but we don’t have any official information. If there is a dining package available my guess is that it would be for Tusker House.  I would also guess that it will be on the Fastpass+ system but again, I haven’t heard anything official. Here is a little preview of the show…

nighttime awakenings

Nighttime Awakenings

Animal spirits within the great tree come alive at night in mesmerizing color and light. During the evening hours, pay special attention to the Tree of Life at the center of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. At various times, flickering fireflies magically appear and awaken the wondrous animals spirits carved into the tree’s towering trunk—bringing to light a stunning visual extravaganza swarming with vivid color and animated imagery.

Discovery Island Carnivale

Join dancers, stilt walkers and musicians for a nighttime dance party on Discovery island. In late afternoon when the sun is beginning its descent at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, listen for the distinctive drumming of Latin and world-beat rhythms as they fill the air around Discovery Island—that’s when the Discovery Island Carnivale, an exuberant dance party to end the day and welcome the night, begins.

Harambe Wildlife Parti

Singers, dancers, acrobats and musicians descend on Africa after the sun sets—come and join in the celebration!

On the lookout for a night you won’t forget? Head to Harambe where “party animals” have taken over the streets. Harambe, the African village within Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, is a popular daytime destination known for its excellent street musicians, stunningly beautiful theater district, vibrant marketplace, diverse eateries and lively daytime street parties. But after the sun sets, Harambe’s excitement soars even higher with the Harambe Wildlife Parti.

Kilamanjaro Safari

Kilamanjaro Safari at Night

Venture out onto the savanna for a nighttime safari tour—and see the animals in a whole new light. Experience a different breed of discovery when you explore the wilds of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve at night. Previously off limits to visitors after sundown, this unforgettable journey aboard a rugged, all-terrain caravan takes you deep into the wilds of Africa, where creatures both big and small await your arrival amid the tranquil shadows of the lush brush.

Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge

Find specialty cocktails and wines from far-off locales like Africa and Asia at this elegant retreat next to Tiffins restaurant—opening spring 2016. Escape the ordinary with exotic bites; then document your own travel stories for display near the bar.  Whereas the focus of Tiffins is on the globetrotting adventures of the Imagineers and animal experts who developed and built Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, Nomad Lounge invites all to stake a claim in their own wanderlust over mouth-watering small plates and a large selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Tiffin's at Disney's Animal Kingdom


Set off on a culinary expedition of international cuisine at this restaurant inspired by exploration and adventure—opening spring 2016. Seek and you shall find a treasure trove of mouthwatering delights from far-off places places for lunch and dinner.

All of the excitement kicks off April 22, 2016 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.  What are you most excited about?  Comment below!


(Pictures and some information © Disney)