A new updated version of the My Disney Experience mobile app is now available with “Get Directions” functionality. This new GPS navigational tool will help you navigate the Walt Disney World Resort.¬†From any resort, restaurant, attraction or store page you can select “Get Directions” and enter your starting point. As you start typing, a list of options will pop up. Make your selection and you will see four different options…walking, bus, monorail and boat. If an option isn’t available, it will be greyed out. Click the blue “See Walking Directions” bar at the bottom and step by step directions will pop up. It also shows the estimated time for each method. In the following example, I selected directions to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from Tony’s Town Square.

my disney experience get directions

I don’t really care for the way the directions start by telling you to walk “West”, etc. I personally have no sense of direction and would have no idea which direction that would be, but I’m sure by continuing to read the steps by step directions you can figure it out. I really hope people aren’t staring at their phones as they are walking and run into things or other people!

What do you think about the new “Get Directions” function of the My Disney Experience app?