Starts With A Wish Travel

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Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge


Everybody at Starts With A Wish Travel is SO excited about Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge and we know you are too!!

So that we can be prepared to give you a quote just as soon as the opening announcement is made, please complete the entire form below. We will send out an email just as soon as Disney has made the announcement. You will not have to reach out to us again for a quote – You will be listed at the top of our database and will receive a quote immediately. If your dates are in 2020 and those rates are not available yet, you will receive a quote the day they become available.

We do not know the official opening date at this time. Once we do, you will be the first to know!!

***Completion of this form does not hold a room or guarantee a reservation. Pricing and availability is subject to change until your deposit is received. Due to the overwhelming responses, please be patient with us as we handle quote requests in the order they are received.

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